Language teaching Spanish as a second language to foreigners, began way back in the 1960’s in the City of La Antigua Guatemala. They were founded some Spanish Schools, it does not know exactly date and name of them, but it is believed they were two schools. It is not known who trained teachers, the type of textbooks and other teaching materials used. It is said that schools functioned in a large house that had a patio and it was surrounded by wide corridors decorated with flowers that were planted in pots or in gardens alongside the passages. Each class consisted of a table with two chairs, separated by about two or three meters. Schools had an office and in them the director was. At first there was no secretary, nor was there a computer, phone or fax. The director was who gave the information to prospective students visiting the country of Guatemala, but they liked to stay in the City of La Antigua Guatemala, attracted by the beauty of its colonial architecture.

Spanish schools did their advertising a traditional rudimentary way as not had the help of technology. They used posters that a person (mostly tourism guides) offered to tourists walking through the streets, some of them interested in learning some of the language to communicate in Spanish during your trip, decided to visit schools to receive information and then enroll in a regular course (twenty hours per week). the fee to be charged in those years but each student had to pay in quetzales (Guatemala’s currency) because people do not accept foreign currency.

Spanish language teaching has evolved and continue to evolve as with the help of technology you can spend barriers such as time, distance and others. Many people do not have enough time to travel to different Spanish-speaking countries to take a regular course of Spanish. Other people have different reasons, but no matter what is the main reason, now it is possible to take Spanish classes online, this is a method that is being used more everyday. The courses are as if the student and his/her teacher were in a physical classroom, one sitting opposite each other, this is helping all those people who want to learn Spanish, improve or make perfect their spanish language.